Tax on saving and investing on the shovel

The current tax on the return on capital is controversial. The biggest criticism: the return (savings interest and exchange rate gain) has fallen, while the return that the tax authorities are calculating has remained the same. Savers and investors are currently paying 30% tax on an assumed return of 4% on their assets.

Savings interest has fallen considerably in recent years. You now receive a maximum of 0.8% interest on a freely withdrawable savings account. The fictional rate of 4% is experienced as unfair by the small saver. The high time that the actual return will be taxed. The political will is now there, but implementation will take a while.

Capital return tax changes


Therefore, before the time comes, the current capital return levy is adjusted. In this way the criticism of the small saver is partly met:

  • From 2017 there are 3 disks in box 3 of the income tax. In addition, the assumed return becomes higher, the larger the power.
  • In addition, the tax-free allowance in 2017 will increase to € 25,000 per person.

Tax actual return

Tax actual return

In order to tax the actual return on capital, a change in the tax system is needed. State Secretary Wiebes has indicated that he sees opportunities for this. This week he submitted three methods to the House of Representatives for the levy in Box 3. The 3 variants in brief:

  • Capital increase tax: annual tax on tax received, dividends and realized capital gains.
  • Capital gains tax: interest and dividends received directly taxed. Capital gains for securities holders are taxed as soon as they are realized.

With the above methods, the taxable income from real estate and other assets is determined on a flat-rate basis, ie at a fixed rate.

  • In this variant, the fixed rate remains, with the difference that this is tailored to the individual taxpayer. For each asset (savings, shares, real estate), the average macro return is calculated and taxed annually.

The tax-free allowance remains with all three variants.

Move closer

Move closer

With the 2017 Tax Plan, taxing the actual return on capital is one step closer. However, it will take a while before it is actually implemented. A change in the law is due at the end of 2018 at the latest and after that the Tax Authorities will have to adjust their calculation methods.

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