How to activate an honor loan

 The 3 things to know:

  • What it is : a particular form of loan for entrepreneurs and students
  • For whom it is intended : micro-enterprises, franchises, self-employment, students
  • Compare and choose the personal loan with the most favorable conditions for you


The honor loan is a personal loan characterized by more favorable repayment terms and a simplified access to capital, given that the applicant does not necessarily have to be in possession of a demonstrable income and that the presence of a guarantor or a co-obligor. Let’s find out what its characteristics are, who the recipients are and how to request it.

What’s this

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It is a particular form of financing regulated by the legislative decree 185/2000 which makes non-repayable contributions (non-repayable loans) and subsidized loans available for those wishing to start their own businesses both in the form of a company and self-employment. There is also a form of honor loan reserved for deserving students, established by law 390/1991. It consists of a credit granted by one of the affiliated banks to cover any expenses that must be sustained to complete the cycle of studies: from training costs, to books, to lodging, to food.

How does it work


  • Micro-enterprises : the maximum permissible investments amount to 129,114 euros (VAT excluded). For investment expenses, a non-repayable grant of approximately 50% and a subsidized loan for the remaining 50% with an interest rate of 30% of the reference rate in force at the time the loan agreement is stipulated is provided. . The reimbursement must take place in a maximum of seven years through constant quarterly deferred installments.
  • Franchising : the size of the concessions granted falls within the scope of the so-called ‘de minimis’ community regime. Also in this case a 50% non-repayable grant and a subsidized loan are foreseen for the remaining half to be repaid in seven years maximum.
  • Self -employment: the total eligible investment amounts to 25,823 euros (VAT excluded), while the subsidized loan for investments cannot exceed the amount of 15,494 euros. The grant for the management costs of the first year cannot exceed 5,164.57 euros.
  • Students : the loan can vary from bank to bank and based on the duration of the course of study. Usually the financing is around 5 / 6,000 euros per year. The loan has no interest while the repayment usually starts about two years after completing the studies, with a duration ranging from one to 15 years.

Who it is intended for: the requirements


With regard to work activities, the requirements include: the age of majority and the status of the non-employed at the date of the application, as well as the Italian residence on 1 January 2000 or at least six months before the date of application

In the case of micro-enterprises and franchises, at least the half of the members who hold at least half of the share capital or shares must meet the aforementioned requirements.

Students who want to access the loan of honor must instead be: resident in Italy, enrolled in one of the Italian universities and in possession of the income and merit requirements established by law 390/1991.

How to ask


  • Micro-enterprises, franchises, self-employment : the honor loan is managed by Invitalia Autoimpiego, ie the National Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Business Development and the application can be submitted online, specifying the purposes of the request, filling in and submitting the application that can be downloaded from the Invitalia website. When the loans of honor are provided by other subjects, such as, for example, the Regions or the Municipalities, the application must be forwarded to these latter entities in accordance with the procedures set out in the notice.
  • Students : the honor loan provides precise agreements between universities and banks. To apply, it is necessary to contact the university secretariat where it is also possible to inform about which banks are affiliated.


Loans 2000 euros Education and universities



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Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.45%
APR: 4.65%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 2,000
Total due: € 2,234

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Product: “Your Projects” Credit
TAN Fixed: 8.55%
APR: 8.89%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 2,000
Total due: € 2,465


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